Torri Fonderie is committed to assisting clients during every step of the process, assuming responsibility for the entire project.

Thanks to our large warehouses and dedicated management software, we are able to support our customer’s logistical needs on all scheduled orders.

Under certain conditions Torri Fonderie guarantees deliver to our customer of die-cast aluminium within 10 days.

The finished pieces are packed according to customer specifications and stored in a dedicated warehouse, ready to be shipped.
Depending on the needs of the client, we can either deliver with our vehicles, those of the client or pieces can be shipped via a third-party carrier.

“Here’s a recap of 2020”

In a challenging year (2020), these stories have given cause for celebration and hope for the future.

Torri Fonderie and his team are ready to face new challenges for 2021 in the name of development and innovation!

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