How important is
quality to us?

Torri Fonderie guarantees an analysis of the sample or of the drawing in order to obtain a product with technical characteristics that completely satisfy the customer's needs.
Furthermore, the company is equipped with various quality control machines that allow it to guarantee the final product complies with the specific needs of the customer.

Sustainability goals

The analysis of the ignition flows makes it possible to identify any defects in the production phase, significantly limiting the waste material.

We have:

  • Quantometer: to verify the purity of aluminium alloys.
  • HEXAGON ARM 73.20: the pieces are subjected to sample checks through the three-dimensional measuring arm.
  • X-rays: allows you to view and compare any defect in real time on the piece.
  • Analysis of the jet injection curves.

The Quality System of Torri Fonderie is ISO 9001 certified

  • Metrology room: we follow the FMEA methodology which allows us to detect problems that have arisen and adopt corrective measures to avoid the replication of non-compliance.

Our vocation is to work for the continuous improvement of quality standards. Our production is subjected to continuous checks.



GNR Mini Lab

braccio Hexagon


Absolute Arm 73.20



SE Eido Solution