Design &

The design of the moulds is carried through coordination and support from our specialized technicians in close collaboration with the customer. This synergy allows you to optimize both the product and the production cycle and better respond to the needs and requirements of customers.

Torri Fonderie follows the PPAP procedure during the design, the construction of the moulds, the test and the set-up in production. These procedures allow us to guarantee established delivery times, the highest quality of new products and make Torri Fonderie a reliable partner.

All moulds are subjected to continuous maintenance to ensure the highest quality standards.

Maintenance & Warehouse

When the mould finishes production, it is cleaned, a manager makes a report with any required interventions before the next production and draws up a sheet with the state of wear.

In case of interventions, the customer receives an "Alert".

All moulds are stored in a dedicated area with an associated maintenance card and reference sample loaded, in order to have the data always available.