The design and manufacture of moulds is carried out with the coordination and support of our specialized technicians in close collaboration with the client.

Torri Fonderie follows the PPAP procedure during the design, the construction of the moulds, the test and the set-up in production. These procedures allow us to guarantee established delivery times, the highest quality of new products and make Torri Fonderie a reliable partner.

Moulds are maintained before and after production has started.

Torri Fonderie also offers complete management of the mould warehouse. Once removed from our machinery, moulds are maintained and stored in a warehouse where they are mapped together with the reference sample.


Rotary club is a global network of 1,2 milions men and women, friends, professionist and entrepeneur, who believes in a new world, where all peoples, together, promote positive and lastive changes in nearby communities, in distant ones, in each of us.

Every day Rotary’s members help people in communities around the world through thousands of service projects.

Torri Fonderie, and community focused thinking, found a link with the association’s objective right from the start.
Precisely for this reason we decided to collaborate and be at the forefront of the charitable activities and projects of the Rotary Club.

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