It is possible for us to increase production without changing our systems, thanks to a particular and targeted innovation, Revamping.

This replaces the technological heart of industrial machinery by updating it with cutting-edge techniques that allow the plant to increase efficiency and quality, while maintaining the original structure.


We have automated robotic arms in the die-casting department, which separate any pieces with imperfections during the moulding phase, to place them on a special roller for inspection.

In the mechanical processing department they deal with the main processes such as deburring, grinding, drilling and threading.


We have integrated new production technologies to improve working conditions, create new business models and increase the productivity and production quality at our plants.

Our systems allow us to collect 60% of the information processed during the various processes, to then be able to analyze them and improve our production process.


We have modernized our offices to make the work environment more comfortable and productive.

We have also renewed our systems to optimize the collection and analysis of the processed information.

We will continue to update all work tools with the latest technologies available.