Aggiornamento continuo sulle nuove tecnologie e metodologie dello stato dell'arte.

Training and refresher courses for operators on new technologies with the cooperation of specialized agencies.


Processes under control, increased and repeatable production, reduced time.

Our foundry and machining production islands are equipped with state-of-the-art robots for casting extraction and finished part processing.



All production islands are connected to our central system for collecting all data

Machine parameters and production data.

Data Collection

All production data from our foundry and machining islands are automatically collected in real time in our central computer system.

Data collected from machinery and product quality are stored and then analyzed in real time by our software to obtain dashboards with KPI indicators.

Data processing and analysis

Monitor production and quality trends in real time. Historicization and tracking of data with the ability to view and process them in real time.

Process and efficiency data are analyzed using international models such as SPC, OEE.


Continuous improvement actions, maintaining high quality standards and machinery efficiency.

Thanks to the previous steps, we are able to perform fast and repeatable analyses that allow us to plan improvements and investments.