Sustainable development for us means safeguarding the environment



All the die-casting islands are equipped with a holding oven that can be sealed after the loading phase, this allows to maintain the temperature longer, reducing the use of fuel.


Our plants have been designed to optimally manage slag and waste, allowing recycling of up to 95% of the chemicals used while the remainder is deposited in tanks to be disposed of safely.

Health & Safety

The construction of state-of-the-art suction units allows for proper air recycling.

In addition, all production areas have heating and cooling systems installed to provide our employees with a safer, healthier and more comfortable working environment.

White Certificates

Thanks to our innovations and environmental sustainability focus, we have managed to significantly reduce the consumption of fuels and electricity.

We have obtained numerous white certificates. We will continue to improve our systems with the aim of minimizing the environmental impact.


Torri Fonderie has a strong focus on the impact of its activities on the environment and implements all measures for the correct use of resources during each production cycle: more than 400 white certificates have been obtained thanks to our constant commitment to reduce pollution.


Recycling and reuse of chemicals


Reduction of fuel consumption


Pollution reduction

Data compared to the previous 5 years