Environmental sustainability has always been in the DNA of our company.
For us, doing business means investing in environmental protection by constantly improving the efficiency of the plants and the circular economy of the entire production system.

In the die-casting and mechanical processing plant, the numerous investments in the plants have reduced energy consumption and the consequent environmental impact to a minimum.

We use renewable energy for the production of electricity


  • We use fully recycled aluminum alloys.
  • We follow all waste disposal regulations.
  • The production plants are equipped with machinery for monitoring energy consumption.
  • We use the latest generation of suction systems to reduce emissions.
  • In the production plant, ventilation systems are installed to cool and warm for keep much as possible comfortable the workplace for our collaborators.
  • We have beenISO 14001 certified since 2021

Energy Savings

Thanks to our innovations and environmental sustainability focus, we have managed to significantly reduce the consumption of fuels and electricity.

We have obtained numerous white certificates. We will continue to improve our systems with the aim of minimizing the environmental impact.

More than 4000 energy saving certificates obtained in the last 4 years.



In 2007, the will to diversify and introduce itself in new sectors is strong, and in the face of a period of research in which the University of Brescia (IT) was involved, the decision was made to open the photovoltaic sector. Despite the strong trend of competitor companies has always been to market technological products imported at low cost from Asia, the DNA of the group has been decisive. In 2007 the Group invested in the artisanal production of photovoltaic panels and started a production line capable of churning out up to 80,000 panels/year.

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Data compared to the previous 5 years


TEP/ton below the sector minimum threshold


Reduction of the carbon footprint


Recycling and reuse of chemicals