UNI EN AB 44300

Gruppo: Al Si

EN AB-Al Si12(Fe)(a)

Alloy with low iron content and high ductility due to a modification with strontium. The inclusion of manganese in the alloy prevents adhesion of the metal to the mold (metallization) and facilitates removal of the molten product.

UNI EN AB 44300

Gruppo: Al Si

EN AB-Al Si12(Fe)(a)

Alloy used for the production of castings with complex shapes in die casting with good mechanical characteristics combined with good corrosion resistance.

UNI EN AB 46100

Group: Al Si 9 Cu

EN AB-Al Si11Cu2(Fe)

Alloy suitable for making complex shapes under pressure castings. The excellent castability suitable for many applications.

UNI EN AB 47100

Group: Al Si (Cu)

EN AB-Al Si12Cu1(Fe)

Alloy suitable for making complex thin-walled castings that require good castability, corrosion resistance and sufficient mechanical characteristics.

Among the services offered to our customers there is the complete management of the aluminum alloy procurement.

The goal is to satisfy our customers ensuring the most efficient flow in the management of each order.

The aluminum we use is regularly subjected to a quantometer analysis thanks that permit to verify and guarantee its purityand compliance.

All alloys used comply with environmental regulations in circular economy.


The aluminum alloys used have the following composition:

  • Copper;
  • Iron;
  • Zinc;
  • Manganese;
  • Silicon;
  • Chrome;
  • Titanium;
  • Other materials.

The aluminum alloys used guarantee high castability, workability and good mechanical and corrosion resistance.